Surf Movie Sunday – Lakey Peterson: Zero to 100

I follow some surfers on Twitter, and not too long ago Lakey Peterson mentioned that her movie was released. I wondered, what was this movie called?

It seems fate has a weird way of answering my questions. Not too long after that, it came up on Netflix and I decided that would be the next Surf Movie Sunday; because I have a need to showcase up-and-comers. That’s how I’ve always been! The closest I ever came to commercial success is when I got this guy from Detroit Crunkstar to give me a CD to play in the 7-Eleven during my night shift.

I totally dig up-and-comers.

IMG_0910 (Photo credit: Carlos André CA)

This documentary clocks in at just under an hour and showcases Lakey Peterson’s rise to surfing stardom. She started as a kid who played a bunch of different sports, and decided to focus on surfing. This film follows her to different competitions, culminating in her win at the 2012 U.S. Open of Surfing. Along the way we see her dealing with issues of self-doubt, the challenges of youth, her inexperience, and stiff competition from other professional surfers.

This film can show what it’s like for a new competitor to join the world of professional sports. Always on the move, always learning because things are different for them, they move from one qualifying round to another and try to do something with meaning in between. Lakey spent her time cleaning up beaches and fundraising.

And honestly, this one may be best as candy for surfing junkies; I just can’t get enough of watching the sick way she has of tearing up the waves, snapping her board with each turn, zigzagging from one end to the other. Her roots as a skater shows in the way she surfs, hard and fast, with an edge that nobody else seems to exhibit – she makes it all her own.

The only thing is, the movie is a one-time experience. Once you’ve seen it, you can reflect that you’ve been enriched by the experience and move on with your life; it’s similar to how I feel about watching games on TV – I’d rather go play than watch them on TV. It’s like watching someone else get paid for answering questions you’re answering at home. There’s no bigger message, no reason to put it on your shelves. But if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend watching it once while it’s still on Netflix.

Long story short, I give Lakey Peterson: Zero to 100 . . .


Three surfs up!

Sorry, no caps! But I won’t ask for that hour back, I really did enjoy the movie.


Feel free to share your thoughts!

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