Regress: Turning Back

The interfacial point where retreating time dragged space along, a nautiloid spiral curled to a singularity before it flowed back out a clean, gibbous curve; here he stopped, just to collect his will before moving on. It was glorious chaos, nothing to bother and everything to be.

Amidst this tempest his rival did regress, her mind boiling once more.

Is and was didn’t exist.

The Star went forth to bend these forces to his will.

This flash fiction in 75 words was crafted for the M3 blog’s Flash in the Pan


14 thoughts on “Regress: Turning Back”

      1. Some of the commenter’s to Tess’ guest post about flash being here to stay are the ones who are getting it. We have a lot more fans out there than you may imagine. You are doing a great job at capturing the emotion.

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