Was I – ironically – really conceived in music?

So this is hilarious.

en: Primary auditory cortex(red circle). from ...
en: Primary auditory cortex(red circle). from Medial geniculate nucleus to Primary auditory cortex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you read yesterday’s post about the possible drawbacks of the oversaturation of society with popular music, that fast food of the auditory cortex, then you understand the irony of today’s discussion on the possible songs that my parents were getting it on to (to which my parents were getting it on?) when I was conceived.

Stay with me. My blog buddy Andra over at The Accidental Cootchie Mama posted about the same thing and got me wondering about how mine would go. There’s this site: http://pbump.net/music/ where you select your birthdate using a couple of drop-downs, and then it tells you what the top five billboard songs were during the week you were conceived.

This isn’t a perfect system, of course; not everyone was carried to a thirty-eight- or forty-week term, and so I’m guessing they just turned the clock back about nine months and retrieved the billboard stats from the calculated week. Still, it’s a fun little window into what was playing during the general time when we were first discovered. Here are my songs:

Rod Stewart: Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright) – One of two songs I definitely remember from the selection. It’s a catchy tune, and for that reason I get why it’s popular, but the video? Eek. First of all, he looks sillier than David Lee Roth in his best days. Second of all, now that I understand what he’s singing – I mean the words – it’s changed the experience of the song. I beg not to see and hear that simultaneously ever again.

The Detroit Spinners: Rubberband Man – right time, right place. . . right groove? It’s got bass, piano, and horns. The triple threat of sexy music instrumentation, right? I could believe that I was conceived to something that only reminds me of Superfly; it’s like being born in the manger next door to Jesus.

The Bee Gees: Love So Right – I’m not so sure about this one; I’m thinking that back then I’d have had better luck staying awake during sex if I was on Quaaludes. Just saying.

The Captain and Tenille: Muskrat Love – Now that this song reminds me of Henry Kissinger, I don’t want to think about anyone getting dirty to it.

Gordon Lightfoot: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald – Please say it ain’t so, Gordon. Have you ever felt like you were reading the New York Times, only the sentences all rhymed, the story was set to music and sung in a flat Canadian drawl? Yeah. And so I get all the way through this song and I look at the clock as I always do, marveling that it only took six and a half minutes to get through it.

That sounds about right.

So personally, my vote is for Rod Stewart or the Detroit Spinners, with a strong lean toward the Spinners; because I figure either it was all business or it was fun, and if you’re on the business end you’re gonna do it right (since tonight’s the night). Then again, I’d be more likely to believe it was Billy Joel setting the mood.

So what’s your results? Write them up and feel free to drop a link in the comments or link to this page to generate a pingback.


  1. This is so awesome…great post….
    I was conceived to elvis…
    Ironically suspicious minds.
    Also my first concert pre birth.
    I have a secret….and a song regarding this post…email or direct message.

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