I’m looking forward to this afternoon

Marahon shoes
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So yeah as a title suggests, I’m totally looking forward to this afternoon; you see, after what has seemed like ages, I actually managed to get off at 3:30 today and tomorrow. And shorter workdays might be right around the corner!

So can you guess what I’ll be doing after work today? I’ll be going for a run, of course. I probably won’t be able to run very fast, or as far as I like to, because it’s been almost two weeks; But every step – every foot, every mile is going to be totally worth it. Today I’m going to really try to put some use into my new running shoes.

Do you have any plans for today? Are you looking forward to them, or are you just waiting for them to be over? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I’m looking forward to this afternoon too. I’m heading to the beach with my little one and he loves the water. After some very very hot days, we have a nice and reasonably sunny day which makes it a safer day for being out in the sun. Have fun with you run. I always try to get a quick jog in while at the beach..there is something about running barefoot in the water than makes me so excited.

    • Thanks, have fun at the beach! It’s going to be a hot one this afternoon so I’ll have to take it slow either way, but it’ll be good just to get some exercise outside of work. 🙂

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