Does the Internet really need to be governed?

It’s just a disgusting proposition; I told myself I would stop asking “really?”

The Seat of Government
(Photo credit: Ewan-M)

But the proposition has me now questioning the faith I have always espoused, the belief that the human drive for autonomy would outlive the need for big government.

Yet here we stand, on the brink of a digital new world order. Apparently governments around the planet have betrayed their people by voting across-the-board to institute an “Internet government”. Really?

Let’s consider the implications, shall we? By saying that the Internet should be governed, the world’s governments are granting it legitimate nationhood; this is an even bigger reach than corporate personhood – I mean, is the Internet a de facto nation now?

Where the Internet is stored
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I suppose the argument could be made. After all, people on the net often think of themselves as citizens of the Internet – ergo the term “netizens”. We thrive in communities where we interact with each other, for good or ill, and a vast majority of these interactions are with people who live outside of our geographic circle. So as the web exerts its power to shrink the world, wouldn’t it make more sense to literally bring the world closer to unity and leave the Internet as it is?

The most offensive part, though, is that they have asked me – me – to run for P.M. of the Internet. Really?! The conversation went something like this:

“What–wha. . . you want me. To run for President of the Internet.”

“Prime Minister.”

“But I’m not even British.” It was a deflection, and not a good one; but I had to try.

President Reagan works at his desk in the Oval...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It’s just a title, sir.”

“But why me?”

“Your name came highly recommended, and it was drawn by lotto.”

“Seriously? Who the heck would recommend me for that?”

“Well actually it was your mother, sir.”

“My wha. . . You guys actually listen to my mother? HOW CRACKED ARE YOU?”

(Photo credit: Diamondduste)

Needless to say, I’m not interested. Let me tell you why: I wholeheartedly believe that modern man is more than capable of governing himself. The only reason we in America haven’t led the charge toward political anarchy is because a lot of people don’t want to think for themselves – they don’t want to weigh the issues, sorting out good from bad; they want to be told. They let the government and the church tell them, so that they can get back to watching TV and stuffing their faces with fast food.

Separation of church and state? That’s a myth, and that’s our fault.

I don’t want that for the Internet, and if given no other choice I don’t want to be a part of it. So if we are going to call the Internet a nation, then you can call me the equivalent of a survivalist, off-the-map gun nut. I’m a blogger, a freethinker, I’m armed with words, and I am very formidable.

Internet anarchy forever!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


    • Kudos to your comment – I agree – Internet anarchy INDEED!!!! I really enjoyed reading your response, so well put. Imagine if anyone were to run the internet? Just considering it would be a huge mistake – the world’s governments are already such a mess, we as a people elect idiots to run our countris, and then to mess up the only thing left on this planet that anchors our sanity? Just imagine….

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