Surfer Rob’s Addiction to the Analog Blog



(Just so you know it’s not a one-off, here’s a titillating sneak-peek at the discovery phase of my What If? Monthly challenge entry: )


This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.

25 thoughts on “Surfer Rob’s Addiction to the Analog Blog”

  1. Wow. You still have a legible handwriting! Mine after all these years of keyboards is incomprehensible — even to ME. I make more typos writing than typing. Paper and pen. What a concept. Excellent response and so dead on.

  2. I left a message on this earlier, but your post ate it…ate it I tell you! So now I can’t remember what I originally said but it was something like: I have a million and one scraps of paper with bits of my life on them, books of poems, (when I documented my heartach through verse lol) that no one will ever see, and various scraps of blogs that were started and discarded. There was a point, earlier, before my comment was eaten, now there isn’t, cos, well I have the memory of a goldfish, so good post and meh!

  3. I like the idea of writing things down and I do have my scraps with notes etc, but writing posts before blogging? How do you find the time?

    By the way, looking forward to the challenge response. What I can see in the picture looks very interesting!

    1. Ha, it’s like this. I can’t have my phone out at work so I have to stand there sometimes and watch my machine cut sheet metal. It needs to be babysat, so I get the prompt and I start writing in between loading sheets and unloading parts, etc. its what I think of as the classic workaround.

      1. I’ve got a good feeling it will be, or maybe it’s a vibe of evil implications with dark significance . Not sure but as I said looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

  4. Rob, thanks for listing all of our postings! I wholeheartedly enjoyed yours on this and I, too, do my morning pages in ink and paper. Looking forward to coming back and reading more. Best ~ HuntMode

  5. Computers (and previous to this – word processors – and before that – typewriters) are useful tool for writing. The ease and speed of hitting a keyboard allows for the stream of words to flow much faster than actual writing – BUT – the actual hand-written connection – pen to paper – is so important. It is intimate. It is connected in a way that writing using technology could never permit – and yeah, you are (w)ri(gh)t(e) – more people should try it – especially those who consider, aspire or are, they, themselves writers.

    As you’ve said – pen to page – whatever, however, blurbs or bits …. it really *does* make a huge difference. In my opinion.

    AND ………. really brilliant piece – one of the most innovative and (as usual) thought-provoking works. Great execution of an idea.

    *stands applauding* 🙂

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