Why Apologize?

I think this blog is totally worth reading. If you have a moment, check her out.

Apologies and Honesty

Many people feel it’s really not important to apologize unless of course it’s a big thing, like you ran over the neighbors prized hydrangea while texting. I feel a little bit different about apologizing.  Even though I may not have done anything wrong in my opinion if someone else feels that I’ve hurt them in any way, then I apologize to them.  Pretty simple really. Unfortunately because I feel this way, when I feel as though I’ve been wronged and not apologized to, I hold a grudge.  There are several people I know who will very rarely apologize, and even worse barely acknowledge that I feel as though they’ve wronged me. 

In all honesty, they probably don’t even know how I feel about the subject, I understand. I’m an introvert, I like to keep things to myself and not express how I feel a lot of the time.  


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