Oh, the Places You’ll Blog In!

Have you ever found yourself indulging one of your hobbies in an unlikely place?

The wonderful thing about blogging in a mobile world is that we can take our writing abilities with us, to our subjects, with only our phones and our journalistic/creative chutzpah. Sure it’s not pen and paper – which changes the process more deeply than most of us may realize – but the tools are there and so we make use of them as the opportunity arises

Now I will admit that I haven’t blogged from any places yet that could be considered “out of the ordinary”, let alone strange; but don’t think that I wouldn’t and eventually will! The closest I think I have gotten is my post from the secret surfing paradise; also, I have blogged while camping before, but I don’t think that’s strange as such. Sometimes all I seem to do is work and go home, blog and do handy stuff around the house. I suppose I could blog from Dairy Queen while I’m waiting to get Blizzards for Mme. Ross and myself, or from Target when I’m trying to figure out why their selection is no longer all that exciting…

“Dear Target: where has your ‘cool factor’ gone?”

Perhaps that’s a little too harsh. But now that the wife is blogging, perhaps that will be the perfect excuse to go on the occasional blogging excursion, to challenge ourselves to blog where few to none have blogged before. With luck, our daughter will be another of the intrepid blogger breed, and then we may enjoy family blogging. Wouldn’t that be nice?

What do you think; have you blogged or partaken of your hobby in a “strange” place? Do members of your family do it too? If so do you partake of these “hobby together” excursions, or even want to?

this post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. I’m blogging from an unusual place today – I’m at a twin mom convention in Kansas City. Today some of the moms are taking tours of local cool places, some are shopping, some are having fun at a Burlesque class offered in one of the ballrooms – no doubt hooping and laughing all the way. I’m enjoying rare solitude. I’m looking out a huge window across a city I’ve never been to before, sipping coffee and listening to Dave Matthews band and Mumford and Sons and writing. It feels like a peaceful vacation.

    • Sounds like a nice getaway. I never heard of burlesque dance classes though, sounds like an interesting one. I don’t blame you for being the blogger though, if be doing the same thing. 🙂

  2. None of my family blogs, and most of them hate that I do.

    As to blogging from strange places, yes. I am sure I have written multiple strange places posts. But, I am choking to name one.

  3. I love this! Particularly “journalistic/creative chutzpah.” I could not have said it better myself.

    I do not enjoy blogging from my smart phone, although I have done so on multiple occasions. I find it difficult to navigate the little screen and usually end up with typos that make me gag. Also, I have not yet figured out how to add graphics/photos from the mobile app. Blog on!

    • Adding pictures is not too bad, what really irks me is that you can’t access your media library, and there are images I reuse often for the “featured image” on standard types of posts, so I have to do the post without a featured image and then I come home after work and bedazzle it using Zemanta and the proper WordPress stuff on the site. Still, as I like to say, to each his own. Blog on!

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