The Trial of Goody Goodrich

Examination of a Witch by T. H. Matteson, insp...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Old Goody Goodrich,
accused as a witch,
was summoned to trial one day.
She just wouldn’t budge
and confess for the judge,
so the hangman, he took her away.

The officer stood
and made his complaint;
The townsfolk, they all turned so red!
Old Goody Goodrich,
convicted a witch,
was sentenced to hang until dead.

The hangman, no dope,
made ready his rope —
made certain the trestles were true;
See, Goodrich was stout;
we wanted no doubt
of her fate once she’d fallen through!

So the fateful day came
with dense fog and cold rain
(some say that toads fell from the sky);
Old goody Goodrich,
done in for a witch,
danced as we hoisted her high.

Crack! Said the timber, and
snap! Said the rope, and
Goody came gracelessly down
with such terrible force,
t’would frighten the Norse!
And on landing split open the ground.

She fell in that crack,
and never came back.
We say that ‘Old Splitfoot can keep
Old Goody Goodrich’,
gone down as a witch;
for-ever she’ll hopefully sleep!


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