Golden Hour, part II

In case you missed it, feel free to check out my earlier response, You can’t keep a golden hour nailed down!

So this morning after I wrote my post, knowing what time the sun would rise and intending to hit the Redbox at CVS for a copy of Monster House for our Sunday morning caramel roll & coffee time, I ran out with the phone to catch the end of blue hour and the sunrise at a place I figured would give me some nice photos – the river. I caught a jillion moments during the golden hour, while my fingers went numb in the cold and I ran to and fro, up hill and cross-highway, to catch moments in time with my trusty phone.

Next time, I’m taking a camera with me.

The reason I came down here is because I run by it so often, but I never really stopped to look and discover. I parked the Jeep down under the bridge and explored the plaza, looking for good views. I took some blue hour photos, and got impatient waiting for the sunrise – it came at 8:18 as foretold, but it would take a little longer to crest the buildings on Main Street, so I ran up the embankment to where the bridge came off the land onto supports that carried it over the river toward Mandan, and I looked around the memorial, then went down the pathway a little to find some views downriver. Finally, I ran back down to where the Jeep was parked because – surprise surprise – the phone died! Luckily I have the car rigged up to charge my phone and I put it in airplane mode, waited it to climb a few percents, took some more pictures and that was all that! My first golden hour shoot, in the pocket!

So Mme. Ross told me next time, take her old Canon Elph with me. I think it’s a good idea but I do think I would miss the ability to touch focus the shot. What do you think, does anyone out there prefer touch focus to autofocus, and don’t even get me started on cameras with manual focus because I don’t have one!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


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