An apple a day? Maybe I can do better. . .

Okay, so I was visiting some Daily Post prompt responses. The photographer prompt is HEALTH, and I saw more than a few pictures of apples, which made me laugh. Why? Because I realized that I could throw my own in the mix; my subject was right behind me in the lunchbox sitting by the orange chair. Every day I take my lunchbox to work with me. Every morning, I normally throw some fruit in there and go, but last week our co-op stiffed us on the fruit in favor of squash and fennel, which I thought was a pretty uncool move. They did send a good-sized bunch of bananas that haven’t even ripened yet. IT’S BEEN OVER A WEEK.

Not having much to take to work, I stopped at the local supermarket and bought a three-dollar bag of apples for my lunchbox. I don’t require much, after all. I eat one square meal a day and that’s dinner. Otherwise, I live on fruit and Starlight Mints.

And because we all have to share burdens, I have to do my share to help knock down the candy stores after Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

Copyright © 2013 by Robert W. Ross. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2013 by Robert W. Ross. All rights reserved.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. There’s an old saying here in Sweden: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away…
    Good and true saying, but it isn’t enough with one. I say that…

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