Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Well, I read the post on taking pictures in black and white while donating plasma the other day, and I started taking pictures pretty much the moment I left BioLife. I went around back and saw hay bales and a wide valley that I have run through on a few occasions. Let’s do this, Rob. I started snapping.

First, I took some pictures out behind BioLife.

Then I hit a few more places around town, where I had previously noted some things I wanted to capture.

It was no surprise when the weekly photo prompt came in and it involves taking monos, but how to make them eerie? You can’t top the example in the prompt post without a lot of effort, and I just want it to be spontaneous and inspired. This morning I went out at dawn and took pictures around the Capitol grounds, to see if I could capture the eerie spirit:

This is the cream of the small crop I got before my phone shut down due to the excessively cold outside temperature. Fortunately, I had the wife’s trusty Canon Elph on me, and I got a lot more cool photos. When I get a chance, I’ll pick out some more to share because I got some really cool ones.

This post was prompted by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.


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