Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! I: A Private Viewing

A Private Viewing


I took this picture this morning of a hibiscus in the guest room at the in-laws’ house. The light for this tree’s solitary bloom comes from beyond the blinds, and so can we blame it for wanting to enjoy the view?

This post was prompted by this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge.


  1. Holy mackerel, where/how/when do you get your talent/energy……and something else?
    Shouldn’t you be out milking cows or something? That’s what they do where you live, right?

      • And He sayeth: Go forth and farm, dude, and unto you will come the harvest of peace……for a while.
        (My team is getting creamed by its traditional rival, where I went to school, and am still berry, berry bitter. Oh, well…also, I think I am getting sick. Body to intellect: Slow down, fool.)

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