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Do you have a taste for the finer things in life?

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There’s something that I wish I could afford, a luxury item that would top all the others due to its utility and convenience factor. It would look very professional, but it’s meant to get dirty if necessary in the pursuit of its mission – armed with an assortment of tools, this particular luxury item would go from room to room in our home and make everything neat and spotless, cleaning up the crumbs, the spots, and the smudges with the greatest of ease and practiced technique. I’d call it a maid, and I’ll use feminine pronouns to refer to “her” here, but if a man wanted the job all he would have to do is perform flawlessly.

And he’d have to be okay with being called a maid. I think guys can be called nurses without stigma now, but the word “maid” is actually a feminine thing! Is there a politically correct term for this job that doesn’t sound like you work for NASA?

She’d never leave a spot on the glass front of the entertainment cabinet, and my coffee-table trunk would always be shiny clean and smell of lemons. She’d never miss a Cheerio hidden behind the leg of the couch, and all the toys would come out from beneath it on a daily basis and be put back in their bins on the bottom levels of the bookshelf. We’d never find those things which had rolled all the way to the back in the dark recesses of Undercouchworld – neither a three-bite apple that had been lost for weeks, nor a sippy full of milk that time turned to cheese. The table would always be wiped down and Delaney’s tray too; the dishes would stay washed and the bathtub would be scum-free.

Back before children, Mme. Ross and I were this fantastic team, and we worked together to keep our place clean. But now she stays at home with her hands full of kid, and I go to work all day; she’s fantastic at keeping the daughter alive and I’m fantastic at bringing home a sustainable wage, and together we stink at keeping the house clean! We do our best on my days off, but I think we both secretly wish we could afford to pay someone to come in weekly (or even daily sometimes!) and do it all for us.

If I could afford one luxury item, I’d ask for a maid; because I don’t need a fancy car, and I think we’ll be able to swing an appropriate house. I don’t need an expensive watch or suit, or an olympic swimming pool, a private jet, or other such nonsense. I just want to look around and see beautiful order in the life I have; that would make me feel richer than Warren Buffett.

What do you think? Would you say yes to maid service, or is there something better out there for you? Let us know in the comments!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. I was a little more modest with my contribution, I just want someone to do the bath and shower. WordPress is paying, so when she is finished at your place perhaps she could fix a couple of hours to do mine as well.

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