Haiku: Fragile


(Photo credit: sincerelyhiten)

Sword, mail, helm and shield —
heaven’s warrior: revealed.
Weaknesses: concealed.

This post was prompted by the Genre Haiku Challenge on Rob’s Surf Report.

14 thoughts on “Haiku: Fragile”

      1. holding, holding…………..er…….didn’t you misspell ‘warrior’…….but maybe Dakotans spell it differently……don’t have spell checks….how many Dakotans does it take to change the spelling of a werd?

        1. Thank you for pointing that out. It’s easier to overlook something like that on a haiku because there’s a lot less to proofread and I get a little lazy. I’m not perfect by any means but if it makes you feel better at least I don’t ignore you altogether. It’s very tempting.

          1. Holy mackerel, surf dude, I didn’t even catch it the first time around. Then I smelled something fishy. Just between you and me and your other billion followers, I can’t spell worth……..

            1. Actually I wrote and scheduled that one at 3 in the morning right before bed too so I wasn’t full-on in the game; I’d had it written out already so I don’t think I proofed it. Darn you, Yukon Jack!! Why are you so cheap and spicy!!

              1. Damn it, Janet. Now I’ve got to read some Jack London, like “To Build a Fire,” you know, where the dog senses the man is going to rip his guts out so he can warm up his hands before he freezes his you know what off……………………

    1. Love the title of your blog. Reminded me of, “Hey, Honey, could you get me a beer?’ Someday, if I’m good, I’ll learn the meaning of ‘reblog.’

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