Haiku: Fragile


(Photo credit: sincerelyhiten)

Sword, mail, helm and shield —
heaven’s warrior: revealed.
Weaknesses: concealed.

This post was prompted by the Genre Haiku Challenge on Rob’s Surf Report.


      • holding, holding…………..er…….didn’t you misspell ‘warrior’…….but maybe Dakotans spell it differently……don’t have spell checks….how many Dakotans does it take to change the spelling of a werd?

        • Thank you for pointing that out. It’s easier to overlook something like that on a haiku because there’s a lot less to proofread and I get a little lazy. I’m not perfect by any means but if it makes you feel better at least I don’t ignore you altogether. It’s very tempting.

          • Holy mackerel, surf dude, I didn’t even catch it the first time around. Then I smelled something fishy. Just between you and me and your other billion followers, I can’t spell worth……..

            • Actually I wrote and scheduled that one at 3 in the morning right before bed too so I wasn’t full-on in the game; I’d had it written out already so I don’t think I proofed it. Darn you, Yukon Jack!! Why are you so cheap and spicy!!

    • Love the title of your blog. Reminded me of, “Hey, Honey, could you get me a beer?’ Someday, if I’m good, I’ll learn the meaning of ‘reblog.’

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