Genre Haiku Challenge 2013.12: Epic Fantasy

Genre Haiku Challenge 2013.12: Epic Fantasy

(Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

December will be the first full month of the Genre Haiku Challenge, and appropriate to the epic scope of the thirty-ish (yes, I’m that lazy) days ahead of us, the Christmas shopping, the juggling commitments and families, children and charities, et al, we have the challenge of writing haiku in the genre of EPIC FANTASY.

Epic fantasy is a subset of fantasy fiction that takes place in another world and is more or less epic in terms of the characters and themes. Let’s talk about that; is the setting medieval like Middle Earth, or a surreal Wonderland? In fact, the definition does little to constrain what seems to be a genre set in stone, so let’s go ahead and define epic fantasy through haiku. Dwarves and elves, or straight humans? Talking animals? Do the rules of society – or (dare I say it?) physics – conform to our sensibilities? Anything that lies in the realm of epic fantasy is haiku-spiration until the New Year brings us a new genre.*

I’ll get you started with the first entry. Go, my lovelies – haiku!!

* Which will be . . . 

. . . wait for it . . . 

. . . determined at 11:57 pm on December 31st. (Yes, I remembered how many days are in the month.)


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