Surfer Rob does not always think things through

Me? Avoid disaster? Ha ha ha!!

I happened to mention in yesterday’s post that I have a long history of doing things without really thinking them through first. So you might think that because I’m still alive to tell the tales that I have narrowly avoided disaster and have at this point become quite good at it.

Inventors addressed the fear of being buried a...
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And you would be right. But can I remember the tales well enough to tell them? I already have, in some cases; there’s that time I narrowly escaped being buried alive, or that time I narrowly escaped being a high school dropout and decided twelve years was enough. Actually, in that case I forgot to mention that I did give college a short go before making that decision.

Four years later I avoided going to war in the Middle East by virtue of having a brain wave disorder.

I’ve had a lot of near misses that I haven’t mentioned. I’ve driven tired countless times. One time I took out a light pole and discovered the light itself dangling above my roof where my head would have been – so that counts. Ironically, the only time I ever ditched my car had nothing to do with falling asleep – I looked away for a second to find a cassette tape that was in my center console and when I looked up I was heading right for the median. Several over-corrections and a brake slam later, I was down in the ditch, unharmed. I’d narrowly avoided . . . something. Disastrous.

I almost said no to moving to North Dakota, because I had turned my sister down countless times before to move and find a new life outside of Michigan; but now I’m a believer. If that hadn’t happened I would probably not be happily married with a daughter and approaching forty – to me, that’s a complete disaster.

I wish I had something better but the year is wrapping up and I’ll avoid getting a half attendance point by clocking back in before my five-minute grace period at the end of lunch is over.

Addendum: Disaster averted.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


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