“What’s not to like, Surfer Rob?”

Do you know what my least favorite personal quality in others is?

Yeah, neither do I.

I like to pick on individual qualities in specific people: I hate how this guy avoids work, I hate how that person seems to lie with every breath. This one smells like poo and that one has a wonky eye. Okay, I’m just kidding about the last two, but I try to like people and if I don’t I try to look past what I don’t like about them.

Do you want to know what my most favorite quality in others is? I will tell you:

I really believe that the most precious resource in the world is time. Consequently, there is no greater (and it often seems, no more unappreciated) gift than for one to sacrifice their time willingly – gladly, even – in the pursuit of fellowship with one’s community. Because time is so precious, we often feel compelled either by obligation or attachment to the quality of our lifestyles to spend most of that time either working for pay or cooped up in our own personal pursuits; but the holidays are here to remind us of what life is all about, and therein lies the metaphor of gifting for the holiday: if we have been good boys and girls throughout the year, trying always to do the right thing and scrupulously making sure to provide a way to get through the holidays like Aesop’s ants do, then we are rewarded by a timeless benefactor with the singular opportunity to exchange the gifts of time with those who make us feel connected to the Human Community as a whole.

My favorite quality in others, and in myself, is the incredible alacrity with which we enter the culminating days of the holiday season, because in truth we are eager to let the blinding veil of the man-made world fall away, even if only for a day; because deep inside we want that weight to get off our chests. We’re excited to do that. We understand by instinct that life isn’t about working to accumulate wealth; that’s the frustration, the dukkha that distracts us from connection with the One.

Just let it fall away. What we crave, and what we ultimately deserve, is to spend as much time as we can with our people.

But what am I telling you for? I bet you can’t wait to get away from the old chain, am I right?


This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


  1. Oh, sure, jump right onto my wave-length and pour on the guilt! I admitted it was a bad trait, jeez, what more do you want? Nah, just kidding lol. Good post, and you’re absolutely right. Time is a very precious commodity and this time of year definitely calls to that natural, human part of us that wants to be in and amongst our family and friends, taking and giving time otherwise spent selfishly or on obligations. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you enjoy whatever time you get and give during your holiday celebrations. 🙂

    • After this week I’m off until the 6th of January, paid. I’ve been a very good boy this year and I saved enough PTO to get that! I just have to wait out the next couple days and I’m friggin’ dying!

      Happy holidays A.C., I hope they’re good to you!

  2. Well said Rob – so much of life is a sack of bollocks and at least Christmas allows us to relax and enjoy the really important things in life. Judging by the drinking going on in the pub last night I feel some are accelerating their relaxation techniques! Merry Xmas!

  3. Brilliantly and well stated – with utter simplicity and clarity.

    Has to be one of my faves. Love the drawing as well 🙂

    Hope your holidays went well and that 2014 brings you and your family nothing but health health health and peace, joy, love, fun and prosperity. 🙂

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