Haiku: Culmination



For the moment I’ll
be incommunicado–
today is the day.

Today is closing day. Our house is empty and for a short while we will technically be homeless. I’ll be a busy man, and then pretty soon We will be back on daily life’s sweet rhythm. As for the picture – well, I had the pleasure of staying in this room on two occasions when this hibiscus had bloomed; surely it’s a sign from the Creator.


10 thoughts on “Haiku: Culmination”

    1. Thanks Andra. We actually did pretty good – in fact, because we negotiated an early move-in, we managed to leave the oldhouse with (I believe) less in it than when we moved in, which is kind of a win if one is keeping score. Regardless, considering that the process of loan pre-approval and purchase are designed to stress homebuyers to the limit, I think we came out looking pretty swell. 🙂

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