Haiku: Hounded


Wind Swept Trees in Winter
(Photo credit: Iain Thompson)

Wind! Howling so loud
with Jack Frost’s Angry complaint —
your days are numbered.


    • Thanks, our new house gets a real howl up between the house and garage; my wife thinks it’s creepy but I think it’s not too bad. We just bought a secondhand toddler bed from a lady who lives in a newer section on the North side of town, and the wind actually whistles through her gutters – it sounds like the feedback from a guitar amp, which is what I mistook it for when I heard it. Now that’s something to be concerned about!

  1. When I was in college at CSU, one of my floor-mates was from Minot. One day we were experiencing brutally cold arctic temps, even for CO. (kind of like we are today) and we were all complaining about it and I remember Jay said we wimps didn’t know the meaning of cold until we had stood waiting for a school bus in Minot in January. =) I think your picture captures that cold…Here’s to an early spring!

    • Ha ha, thanks – I’d drink to that! I’m hoping that all this terrible weather will earn us an early-ish spring, but part of me fears it’s another “long winter” of the type written about in Laura Engalls Wilder’s Little House book of that name . . . except most of us don’t have to struggle like that, we just have to put up with the cold and the energy bills!

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