Polychromatic planet!

. . . because I’m almost certain that you have a favorite color.

I mean, everyone has their preference; from the colors of grass, sky, and tree bark to the cover of night, the powerful hues reminiscent of blood and roses and a certain thick-skinned fruit we adore so much, we tend to have a favorite color or colors. I like to wear mine, and I used to think, ‘this is my favorite color, that’s it.’ I took it for granted that that would always be my favorite color, and then one day it changed . . .

It all started with a red hoodie. I wasn’t a red kind of person; I never wore red, I didn’t think of it as the kind of color I’d wear – in fact, it was the next rung down from pink. but I liked this hoodie and I ordered it from the Coke Rewards website for something like 2,000 points. Dang, that hoodie looked good, and I felt so different wearing it. People seemed to treat me a little differently too, less like a kid, and I even received a few compliments. Before this I was more at home in a black t-shirt and indigo jeans, but now I realized that I really like red. I got a red cap and red shoes. I was coordinating and living red!

I took a chance and moved to North Dakota despite my original instinct to say no; I think the red pushed me to just do it. I met a wonderful, beautiful girl whose favorite color was orange, and I learned to appreciate orange as my love for red faded to a contented appreciation.

I’m good now with red and orange, and though I’ve never been one for yellow I have always loved green; I am currently in something of a royal blue stint, still preferring indigo jeans because I can’t handle looking at black or grey ones. I suppose I should start experimenting with some violet, perhaps plum with grey heather accents. After all, this is a polychromatic planet, so alive with color that we even paint the stars with false colors to make them more beautiful. Why not celebrate that?

What do you think? Do you have a favorite color? What is it? Where and how do you like it best? Let us know down in that comment box!

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.


    • They say that’s a psychological thing, but I don’t like to believe in anything that’s supposed to apply to everyone. But it does work for me, like a good horoscope.

      Interesting . . .

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