And this is why I lose my memories…

You guys know me – I try to be positive, to give you something hopeful or nice to read, but this was begging to be written as a response to the Daily Post prompt:


Happy birthday;
Now you’re coming of age.
Like your name, the number means
You and the rest are the same,
Because we like you in your box —
This age. not so sweet as they say.
Happy birthday (happy birthday)
You’ve been given away —
You just refuse to leave.
I gave you away,
You continue to breathe.
The rest walked away
And still you persist;
I refuse to believe you even exist.
(Happy birthday)
I’ll pretend you’re not there,
(Happy birthday)
Although you’re breathing my air;
(Happy birthday)
My life is just too short,
The ball is in your court.
I’m too busy for you.

This post was prompted by today’s Daily Post prompt.

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  1. I like this. It feels so defiant and painful. It reminds me of my own feelings about my abuser. I don’t know when his birthday is, I just wish his influence in my life would disappear.

  2. Ugh this one hurt to read. I can only pray it’s imagination and not experience. The ups and downs of your posts, the range in topics and mood keep me coming back to see what happens next. I enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award. I’m not certain if you accept awards, if not, please enjoy the compliment. If you do enjoy them, please follow the link to my post. You’ll be asked to nominate your favorite blogs/bloggers, answer my ten questions and then pass along ten of your own. Here’s my page:

  3. *sigh* I think I might get the intended meaning… that time in my life, right now, where everyone seems way too busy with the banality of their lives to be much of a friend.

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