Haiku: Lapses


Black Hole in the universe
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black holes burn, weighty
in a mind enslaved to sleep;
memories vanish.

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8 thoughts on “Haiku: Lapses”

  1. This is delightful. I can see in the pattern you give here, the loss of something important from your mind, like the blackhole which distorts things that appear behind it and sucks up anything too close in front of it. There’s also the image of a mind enslaved to sleep, which, to me, means eventually you’re going to sleep and whatever it is you’re trying to remember will be gone as you forget that you were even trying to remember it.

        1. I often drive with trepidation. I have to live my life and function, and I am a high-functioning narcoleptic with no cataplexy (which is a co-occurring condition with some narcoleptics – sudden, neck-down paralysis caused by high emotion) but that does not mean I’m not nervous about it. We understand that I cannot drive long distance, sometimes short distance, without some level of risk.

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