I like doing it outside [Sheri #2]

Do you prefer your life lived indoors or outdoors?

Today’s question is the second from Sheri @ Pause 2 Play, asking:

Inside or Outside? and Why?

Wanna know why I’m answering general questions from specific bloggers? Check out my explanation of the Liebster hat trick.

I spend a lot of my life indoors. I mean, that’s where I keep the food and the clothes and the computers, among other things. But I honestly feel that too much of life is (necessarily) spent indoors. I prefer to be outside whenever possible, especially when the weather is nice; but as long as the climate is conducive to human survival with modest protection from the elements, I really like it out there.

First and foremost, there is a lot more going on outside than inside; you could have this humongous house, complete with all the creature comforts, and still when you leave its comfort and step out the door, there’s the world. Planet Earth, with all its enclosed spaces, is still way bigger than the inside of your house, or your place of employment, or the car wash where you go disco dancing, with your crazy funk music.

So inside you’re all boxed in, while outside in the fresh air you have so much more opportunity; I like that. I like to think outside the box, color outside the lines, stay open to and look out for outside ideas. After all, if you shut yourself into the box there’s very little opportunity for true creativity, and as a human I like to channel our true purpose as an image of the Creator – to Create!

Outside we find nature in all it’s wild glory; the fresh air, the green and the blue and the brown, the birds and the squirrels and all that jazz. So it’s got aces over the inside world, if you ask me. I’d gladly go for a run, hike through the little wooded areas we do have, or just walk by the river and around the park trail by Mandan High School.

Of course, there’s that thing about being on the outside looking in, which is often how I feel in life – it’s a self-imposed aloofness (“standoffishness”, according to Mme. Ross) that I can’t seem to shake. I’m all business, for the most part, and so much the better if I have business outside!

Why, if I published a book, the blurb would even be on the outside of the jacket! I so dislike picking up a book and having to search for the synoptic blurb, only to find it buried in the front pages or not at all. On the fly leaf or inside the jacket is better (for hardcovers) but why not just have it out there, it’s advertising! And that blurb would say,

Chase Farrington was a normal kid, until one day, he wasn’t. Blah blah blah and . . .

Oh yeah, I still have to finish the book and sell it! Nice try, Daily Post, your prompt will not fool me:

Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

Next time, try thinking outside the box.


This post was prompted in part by today’s Daily Post prompt and this week’s Daily Post writing challenge.


  1. I like the way you turned your post right back to writing, which you can do inside or outside. So if you are “outside looking in,” you must be a writer observing the world!

    My book blurb:

    “Gram’s favorite deep purple lilac had just begun to pop open its heart-shaped flowerettes as the sun’s rays reached it.

    ‘This one, that one, and this one,’ mumbled Blue. Perfect. And just as she turned to run off through the the lilac garden to the escalator, the gargoyle reaching over the edge above her opened its eyes.”

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