Haiku: Untamed


Copyright © 2014, Robert W. Ross. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2014, Robert W. Ross. All rights reserved.

Watercolor sky —
whence came pounding wind and snow,


    • Just my iPhone. I’m actually a little annoyed by those two photos because there was a speck of something on the lens, probably just snow but it’s a black dot that for a second I thought was dead pixels in my laptop’s screen! It’s not the best with representing true color, but I’m not sure any amateur can do that with any camera. I like the phone because I can touch the screen to automatically focus / white balance, so that if I want those sky colors I trade off for general lighting, whereas if I want the scene then the sky washes out more.

      • I use a Canon PowerShot SX110IS, which is basically a glorified point-and-shoot. There is no automatic filters in the menu that I know of, but post-editing with the GIMP works pretty well.

        You make a good point about filtering– particularly white balance. I don’t use that filter so much because of the tradeoffs that you describe. The hardest part for me right now is lighting, period. Flash fill-in will ruin shots I try to take of windows or lights in the dark, but then there usually isn’t enough light to focus things correctly (and that’s even with shutter/ISO adjustments).

        • I really like the GIMP, but I’ve never used it for photo editing. If I want some kind of filtering or something I’ll usually use Hipstamatic, which doesn’t have the touch functions I mentioned before, but some of my best pics have come from the plain ol’ Camera app.

          • As I am a Linux user, primarily, GIMP is my choice much of the time.

            It is much more work to push things through the Windows partition, although I had to do that once to get one of my daughter’s stopmotion animations rendered. Also, lack of $$ means that Photoshop and other commercial softwares are just not generally an option.

            If I could do things again, though, I’d like to have one of those Sony ultraslim DSLRs. The Canon would likely move more towards video duty, since my daughter and I are leaning that direction anyways with the documentary photo style we already favor.

              • Yeah… I can’t remember the make and model, but it looked about … maybe it was the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7, ultra-slim, but I don’t know.

                I generally am glad to have a compact camera, although it’s not as compact as the most compact cameras. Again, I suspect our PowerShot will shift to more video duty.

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