Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition 1 – the caramel roll run

copyright © 2014, Robert W. Ross. All rights reserved.
copyright © 2014, Robert W. Ross. All rights reserved.

This morning I was planning to make the usual run to Dan’s Supermarket for caramel rolls and the sunday paper, but every time I looked out the view was the same: pure white, blizzarding wind, and blowing snow. I avoided leaving the house for fear of disappearing into the frigid tempest, until finally the wind died down enough that I felt it might be safe to venture out. I marveled at the colors of the sky, the stair-step formations of clouds with the golden light of the rising sun highlighting the western edges. When I reached the store I took a moment to capture a picture of the barbed wire surrounding the train yard next door with the sky behind it, contrasting the wide open sky with the way we tend to fence things in – the things (we think) we own, versus the things we’ll never be able to control.

This post was prompted by the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.


  1. Have you done the photo challenges before? Apologies if you have and I should remember… anyways, this is pretty cool!

    I’m thinking maybe I should do more of them; it’d be a good way to show off photography that our family does, and generate more interest in our blogs.

    • I have done photo challenges before – I tend to be pretty sporadic. Sometimes I’ll do one, and sometimes I’ll do several in a row. I tend to be more active in warmer months because I like the adventure of going out at five in the morning for blue hour. And thanks for the compliment, I’ve been enjoying doing the photo challenges! If you did want to see more, I have them categorized under “photography”, and there’s a menu bar item on the page that will take you to a list of my photo posts.

      If you take photos you should do the photography challenges. People will come and look, which generates page views. A little bit of text will go a long way, because some people just want to look, while others will stay to look around. The long-term results aren’t fantastic in and of themselves, but the more you do it, the more attention you’ll get over time. Plus, the posts are dead easy. Tag it right (I tag mine photo/photography/postaday) and name it the way they ask you to, link up, drop in a pic, a little description, and you’re done. Instant love.

      • I did one as part of Zero to Hero and I was actually pretty surprised at how diverse the responses I got were– most were just “Likes” but yep, I see what you mean, actually.

        So I’ll have to do more of these for sure.

  2. What a faboo shot ! Reminds me of Wyoming… or Montana with that BIG sky… and of course, you REALLY intrigued me with the mention of caramel rolls… =)

  3. Ha ha, yes, North Dakota is most definitely BIG SKY country, as much as Wyoming or Montana – after all, Mandan, the city where I live is “where the West begins”! But the first thing I noticed after moving here was how very big and flat the sky was, like you could just fall right up into it.

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