Haiku: Comprehension


Grasp reflex
(Photo credit: superman_ha_muerto)

Grasp the larger world! —
Unimaginable task
for our little hands.


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  1. Isn’t it amazing how, when things are really easy, we have a hard time understanding them? For myself, I sure wish I didn’t overcomplicate things. Thanks for writing another awesome haiku, Rob. I love all your work.

    • It’s from Zemanta. It used to be part of the WordPress editor, but they recently got rid of it – now it’s a browser plugin that adds it to your WordPress editor (in effect, it’s the same darn thing, but now I think Zemanta has more control over what the plugin does.) I highly recommend it – it shows suggested pictures, links, related posts, and tags for your post as you write, and you can click on them to put them into your post or ignore them as you see fit. What I like for the haikus is that I can actually type something into the search bar on the Zemanta widget and then get a list of pictures to try and draw inspiration from, which is why I started with the tweet and ended up with something more like the picture. It’ll also tell you about the license for the picture, which is either usually free with attribution or non-free/could constitute fair use. And the pictures get automatically captioned with the attribution – I usually get rid of the whole caption except for the attribution so I’m doing the right thing, but I’m leaving it clean so the haiku can stand out better.

      • Oh yes, Rob… I looked into this for another blogger (she noticed the integration was discontinued, and didn’t know why) and added the browser extension a little while ago. I agree– it’s a lot more useful now, but it tends to break frames for me every once in a while.

        I noticed you were using it and I guess I should have looked closer to see the tell-tale Zemanta tag.

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