Steve’s Music Mix: There’s a first time for dietary pies!

Today I’m going to try out this thing I picked up over at blog bud The Indecicive Eejit’s joint: Steve’s Music Mix. Every week he posts three questions. I’m supposed to put a music player on random and use the titles of the first three songs to answer those questions in order. And I’m not supposed to cheat.

I like not cheating – it’s just that it’s hard to work efficiently when you can’t cheat. So let’s see how this works, eh? I’m at my laptop, which hasn’t been hooked up with any music collection yet, so I’ll use my phone for this right now.

Question #1: What were you doing an hour ago?

Stickshifts and safety belts – Cake (from the album Fashion Nugget)

It’s currently 5:16 am and the alarm went off forty-five minutes ago, so do you want to guess what I was doing? Even if I could remember my dreams – and I usually don’t – I’d guess that I wasn’t dreaming of driving in a Malibu with my wife . . . on a bench seat? So is this guy talking about tearing out everything inside the car? Why not just buy an automatic with the gear selector on the steering column? Apparently this guy hasn’t been watching any automotive makeover shows.

Question #2: Why are you doing this?

Nigun – Avi Avital (from the album Between Worlds)

I’m doing it because I’m not allowed to cheat, and I already did once by skipping the first Avi Avital song that came up in favor of Cake. Because everyone loves cake – except I tend to favor pie: blueberry pie, cherry pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie . . . now that’s the stuff. I get the feeling that the reason why people don’t actually eat more pie is that they haven’t really figured out how to incorporate it easily into a healthy diet. Can you imagine the sales pitch?

Kellogg’s fruit pies are a healthy way to get your fifteen servings of fruit for breakfast.

Swanson’s pies are a delicious way to get your twelve servings of vegetables and thirty servings of meat without ever leaving the dinner table! Ever.

Oops! Next song – so much for the American dietribe!

Question #3: What will you be doing once you finish this?

Undercover – The Trabants (from the album Highwire Surfing)

Oh, you’re so right! I’m going to do the “pretend I’m normal” thing and go deep undercover (“deep, deep, deep undercover”, to quote Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop II) to a place where I’ll be trapped for ten and a half straight hours, only to come home to a potentially cold house because the heating and cooling guys are dismantling our furnace today, super! Fortunately, we’re going to be living in the upstairs tonight if that’s the case with the infrared fireplace going. I’m crossing my fingers in the hope that they’ll have a super-simple time getting the old one out and have enough time to get the new one in today. That would be awesome.

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    • Thanks for the challenge. I’ve been so inspired by Juls’ posts but never got around to doing it – this time I was like, a) I don’t listen to nearly enough music. b) he’s Scottish, it can’t be bad now, can it?

      So I gave it a whirl. 😀

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