Haiku: Quarantine


summer inside, winter outside........
(Photo credit: Tjukka2)

Hiding behind walls
does much to keep us alive —
in body, not soul.

It’s been too cold this winter – I did not anticipate subzero temperatures on a daily basis. I’m going stir crazy, and I wish I could just go running.

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  1. Run? I haven’t been in any condition to run, for years.

    I’m lucky if I can hobble out of the door, into the car, and water walk at the pool. This cold is very hard on my nerve damage.

      • Walking in water. Walking on water is still quite impossible for me.

        I did water-walking and water aerobic exercise for about 3 years as part of physiotherapy and rehab/recovery. Not doing as much as I used to because I switched to a gym that insurance covers the membership for, but is much, much farther away from my home.

              • What’s even funnier is that I *love* Sriracha sauce… the things it takes to get people to eat jalapeños ripened red instead of underripe green, eh? (Sriracha is made with red jalapeños)

                • So green jalapeños are underripe? I did not know that.

                  I told Mme. Ross, though, “put the Sriracha out on the table tonight -” we’re having stuffed peppers – “I wanna see what the fuss is all about.”

                  • Yep. They’ll turn a bright red when left on the plant a little longer. Actually, many chiles (including bell peppers) will turn red if allowed to ripen longer. Depends on the variety, I think, but that’s generally my experience having grown some. Green bell peppers are also picked slightly underripe. although

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