Haiku: At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

The sign of The Prancing Pony as depicted in P...
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Bree: sudden, restless —
the inn, an old song and dance;
but something stirs dark . . .


This haiku is just one in a series of haiku that serialise Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring a chapter at a time. See the list at Laith’s Ramblings and read a new one every day; if you’re interested, grab one of the few chapters remaining and join in the challenge! Do you haiku? 

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    • I think they do well. You have to remember that you’re trying to condense a whole chapter of very rich prose into seventeen syllables, so if you think about it, like fifteen words at the most. It’s nanofiction. I ended up emphasizing the mood in the final line because it feels like that’s what Tolkien was really going for – a thin veneer of festivity over this really heavy atmosphere of dread anticipation – all these people moving back and forth, migrating, stopping over with no place to settle; they’re all refugees and they have to live like it. Then when someone suggests in low whispers and shadowy corners that dark times are coming and dark forces are on the move, it’s really hard not to feel that creep in the air.

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