Weekly photo challenge: Selfie I

This week’s weekly photo challenge is to take a selfie, which was named 2013’s word of the year by the Oxford English Dictionary. It’s a photo taken of oneself. It’s the perfect photo prompt for me, because I’m totally narcissistic. I need a reason to take a selfie? Shoot.

I’ll be honest, I won’t be able to get anything as cool as Karen Shatafian’s Wahine Wednesday surfing selfies, but I think I can try to denigrate art to a more common pursuit – case in point:


Driving a forkift, selfie in the mirror. Sitting in front of a roll-off dumpster, in case you are wondering.

So . . . its an interesting coincidence that the PBS Idea Channel’s latest video is about selfies, asking “why do people hate them?” I recommend watching the video and weighing in on the comments.

This post was prompted by the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge.

17 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Selfie I”

    1. Barely. You know how some guys grow beards like they’re connected to the nethers and then some guys struggle . . . I’m much less on the struggling side, but neither does it grow thick. One such area where it’s fairly thin is by the corners of the mouth, plus I’ve trained the ends to handlebar, so they tend not to do that. I have considered training them down though so I can get a continuous line, they just have to get a bit longer.

      1. Everyone has different experiences, I guess, and facial hair that behaves differently. Myself, I generally don’t grow sideburns by themselves as I’ve got a thin spot on the left side, but everything else fills out pretty nice.

        The amusing thing is that most of the hair on my head and face is coming off for some cosplay at a SF/fantasy/gaming convention. (My daughter asked to go.)

          1. Thank you! I used to enjoy the convention, but since we live in an “emerging” area, I got very weary of much of the local gaming scene, and poor behavior of many of its participants. Cosplay feels safe, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m still dreading the possibility of telling some people why I’m actively avoiding them.

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