Haiku: Ready?


Adventure beckons!
(Photo credit: VernsPics)

If I put it off —
wait for the right time to come —
it may not happen.


You know that thing you want to do, but you can’t do it until this or that condition is satisfied — do you really want to let things get in the way of your intentions, or do you propose to master the Universe come Hell or high water? I’ve had this issue crop up recently with my running. I’ve kept fit for the past three years or so, and this winter I’ve had to lay back a little for a few reasons: buying/selling a house, travelling over the holidays, too much work, bitter cold weather, &c.

All of these are excuses – some better than others, but none are insurmountable. The thing is, I have cold weather running gear; I have a little time to spare here and there – why not twenty minutes to run? Holidays are over, houses are bought and sold, and now I feel like the excuses are so thin I could cut through them with a whistle.

So I did. Although my phone died because it got too cold to function and thus I have no proof on Runkeeper, I ran – for the first time since November 18th – for about forty-five minutes on Sunday. It was tough, but it was also very satisfying.

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“Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?”



That’s a good question, Mr. Haney. You see, there’s a reason running isn’t more popular – it’s hard to get into. But once you’re there, you live for the run. You grieve for each run lost to inclement weather or hectic schedules. You gauge yourself by your accomplishments, and all too often you mercilessly whip your spirit with your shortfalls. This is the depth of the true runner’s dedication, and once found it is not easily given up.

I will not give up so easily; I’m ready for this adventure – now go live yours.

P.S. if anyone has any practical experience with a product that will keep my phone warm on cold weather runs, please give me a heads-up – I’m in the market for one.

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  1. I stuff mine in a mitten and fold it into my pocket… does not always work, but is good for at least 1/2 hour. =)

    I am loving this post… even though circumstances may influence us, we are also ultimately the ones in charge of our days… so glad you laced up and ran ! =) Keep up the good work, as long as you are enjoying yourself. =) Life is too short to freeze your tush off, unless it is for a good reason. =)

  2. Hey, you’re a knitter? Well … choose a warm and wooly blend of something yarnish – and knit yourself a sleeve/pouch for it and tuck it into whatever pocket you have. It may not a be long-term solution because electronics will freeze eventually and think of all the condensation etc – but it might give your phone a bit more life.

    ….. just a sideways thought ….

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