Haiku: Still


A Northern Rail Class 158 DMU passes North Win...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ups and downs form
a smooth wait that feels rough to
these cold-shy fingers.


I’m buckling in, because it’s going to be another cold weekend. As we exit February and enter into March, some of you are seeing the weather improving already, while some of us – far too many of us, I’m sure – expect at least several more weeks before we finally find ourselves on the steady climb toward Spring.

Hang in there, guys – it’s coming. It will be here before you know it, and pretty soon it’ll be Summer. Let that thought bolster you as you enter this weekend; I don’t know if it’s going to be as cold as ours, or maybe it will be colder, I don’t know; but after every hard winter comes the forgiveness of Spring.

Chew on that as you go forth this weekend, living your adventure.

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  1. “… cold shy fingers.” PERFECT, Rob ! =)

    Love your words of wisdom, and the imagery in your poetry. Thanks for being a bright spot in all our mornings. =)

    Happily counting down the days… spring really is so close, I can almost smell it.

    Enjoy your day !

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