Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.03: Action-Adventure

. . . and here we are again! Gosh, I feel like I last posted an hour ago! It’s fast and furious — a non-stop, action-packed, roller coaster free-fall thrill ride today on Rob’s Surf Report as we bring you:

Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.03: Action-Adventure

English: Parkour
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Known to be one of the oldest literary genres in human history, the twin genres of action and adventure find their beginnings at least as far back as Greek and Medieval literature, if not farther. In fact, Gilgamesh‘s search for the secrets of eternal life – written almost 4,000 years ago – likely qualifies as adventure literature.

Action is fast-paced, and focused on what’s happening now. Adventure takes the subject out of normal life and into extraordinary circumstances. Action-adventure does both. Haiku submitted for this month’s challenge need not meet the criteria for both genres, but one or the other would be alright; the best part is, there’s no limitation on the setting, so the sky is the limit!

Here’s the usual simple rules:
-> tag your post #RSRgenrehaiku so I can find them in case something’s gone horribly wrong
-> post as many times as you want all month long (technically you can for up to ninety days from today. Feel free to post later if you’d like.)
-> Check back on the first of April for the next Genre Haiku Challenge!

If you like, you can check out the previous Genre Haiku challenges, and you can still participate in them, too. Wanna take a stab at it?

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