Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.01: Biography

Genre Haiku Challenge 2014.01: Biography

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It’s 2014! First full year of the genre haiku challenge! Did you make your resolutions yet?

Yeah, I didn’t make any either. But I did make a genre haiku challenge, does that count?

This month’s genre is BIOGRAPHY. All month long, until the last minutes (and beyond) we seek to encapsulate the story of a person – any person – in a haiku. People of all times run the scale from common to famous to infamous (that means “more than famous”, kids.) Who is your person? How do you define them in seventeenish syllables?

Here’s the simple rules:
-> assume that we’d benefit from a picture or a name to go with your haiku 🙂
-> tag your post #RSRgenrehaiku so I can find them in case something’s gone horribly wrong
-> post as many times as you want all month long (technically you can for up to ninety days from today. Feel free to post later if you’d like.)
-> Check back on the first of February for the next Genre Haiku Challenge!

If you like, you can check out the previous Genre Haiku challenges, and you can still participate in them, too. Wanna take a stab at it?
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I plan to do a run-up on last month’s challenge but because I’m very very busy moving house-to-house over the next few days, it may be a little bit before I have the chance. I will get to it!


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