Haiku: Rebirth


Early Spring at the Station
(Photo credit: Ian Sane)

Spring flows like iron
melting in time’s ruthless forge —
called forth from slumber.


Books I've Read: Ender's Game
(Photo credit: Myles!)

Today is so nice, I had to just enjoy the effortless morning. We got up and had our Sunday caramel rolls and coffee, and watched Ender’s Game. Being a fan of that series and of Orson Scott Card (the big-name sci-fi author who wrote that book), I have to say that I’m torn between the feeling that that movie was way overdue, and the feeling that it would not have been nearly as good had it been made earlier. Then we ended up putting together videos in iMovie (which I have no prior experience with) just for kicks, and then I was like, “hey. I need to post a haiku and go running. The weather says it’s fifty-two degrees outside, and it’s nice.”

I stepped outside. It feels like sixty. It’s even warmer than it was yesterday, huzzah! I felt the concrete of the sidewalk outside my new house with my bare toes. I took a completely unimpressive shot of the view from the breezeway between the house and garage, and decided to borrow a Zemanta photo again.

Yes, I am elated. Now I’m going to run like it’s my next big adventure . . .

. . . time to go live yours!

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