Haiku: Illusion


Embed from Getty Images

The world’s not as small
as the Internet makes it
appear on the screen.


  1. very pretty… =) I can attest to both the limitlessness of our planet, yet the closeness that we sometimes encounter… like when you bump into an old friend at your fav chinese restaurant in the next state over and the last time you saw him, you were slurping Jello-shots in a hot tub in Greece 2 decades ago… !

  2. I was fortunate enough to join the military young, so was able to travel more than my “normal” life would have allowed. =) Of course, not having a family also meant I spent every dollar and day I had chasing whatever pleased me at the time. So this is a time of building for us, and as life progresses, we will have more craziness to look forward to, I guarantee it ! =)

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