Haiku: Imposition


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Rushed by wartime need,
our power begs discipline
we may never have.

Today’s haiku was inspired by a segment I heard on NPR yesterday afternoon as I was driving home from work, and it asked “what if WWI had never happened, if Franz Ferdinand had survived his assassination?” I noted toward the end they discussed one author’s view of how much more slowly technology would have advanced without the pressure of the following wars – WWII or the Cold War – that were consequential to WWI. I ended up realizing that it’s not the technology that is ahead of its time at this point, but the expectations we place upon the users.

Humans may never be ready for the future, but it’s coming whether we like it or not. Ever rushing at us from above, it falls to us and we must rise to meet it; may we never again find cause to unleash its power upon others.

Listen to the ten-minute audio show here, and then weigh in – if you can – on what else might have changed.

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  1. The Sleepwalkers is on my foxling’s reading list for grade 9. =) Very interesting article, will comment after we listen to the the story before civics class. Thanks for getting our brains going this morning ! =)

      • From what I hear… it was recommended to me by an ex-teacher who followed Howard Zinn around for a few years. =) It is nice to get different perspectives for her, you know ? Trying to get her to see life from all angles, this prism thru which we see can be constantly turned a bit to discover new insights. Sorry, getting a bit carried away there… =)

        • Hey, any friend of Howard Zinn isn’t selling any B.S., I hope! See, I have almost no grounding in WWI and what happened there, and most of what I know I picked up over the last few years, and a lot of it was gleaned through a research paper I wrote on Tolkien’s experiences during the war. So I’ll have to put this one on my reading list and get to it this Summer. 🙂

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