Haiku: The Road to Isengard

The Road to Isengard

Gandalf in Ralph Bakshi's animated version of ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Past dry river, through
blasted lands — Gandalf and band
meet Hobbits once lost.


This haiku is just one in a series of haiku that serialise Tolkien’s The Two Towers a chapter at a time. See the list at Laith’s Ramblings and read a new one every day; if you’re interested, grab one of the few chapters remaining and join in the challenge! Do you haiku?

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    • Ha ha! Boil ’em mash ’em stick ’em in a stew, boil ’em mash em stick ’em in a stew, po-tay-toes / po-tay-toes . . .

      That’s great, man – and this guy has a bounty of free time on his hands!

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