Haiku: Journey


(Image credit: Fitz Crittle @ Flickr)

In a step awaits
something bold, undiscovered —
adventure is you.



I swear, some days you just want to step out of your skin — just trade out that old mortal coil for something a little bit lighter, more versatile, and free to explore. Just blow it all off for a chance to make the world unfamiliar again. For a day — an hour — a minute, even. Because sometimes you find yourself both unwilling and unable to move forward in any direction.

Weren’t we born to be explorers?
Engineers of hatchet and hammer, innovators of rope and lever —
now bound to a chair, there chained to a copier —
literally fettered by all of our achievements.

There’s got to be a better way to do this.

What step would you take?


  1. Ooh… good question ! =) I am torn, so want to throw in the proverbial towel and just sell everything, grab the foxling and our passports and get the hell outta dodge ! =)

    Then, reality sinks in, and even in that quarter, I have more options than I easily admit… We have the freedom to move back to CA and ensconce ourselves by the water near family, spending days at the beach and evenings studying science… or move to The Cape and enroll her in the Harvard Extension program to finish high school, while I work on an online degree that would make me happy but generate the barest of incomes…

    Like Dorothy, the tornado sweeps me up and back to my here and now, and I think that simply skipping classes on Friday, heading out for Chinese and a hike will be enough of a treat for now. Keep in mind, I said “for now”… =)

  2. Reblogging this post, because I’m all about the Hero’s Journey.
    And, I hurt like hell, so I will have to come back to Hot Rod and the Transformers a bit later.

  3. Reblogged this on the tao of jaklumen and commented:
    Mother Nature is delivering me a MIGHTY beatdown, so I’m doing another reblog of from another blogging friend who has selected “Journey” to be the subject. Rob’s all about the haiku, so… enjoy.

  4. I’m with you. Mine isn’t a physical beat down, it’s a spiritual/emotional beatdown. Hangeth in there. I tell myself that a hundred times a day. Hangeth in there. We’ll both get through this time…..wish it were sooner rather than later!

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