Haiku: Dauntless


(Image credit: Francisco Antunes, a.k.a. Fr Antunes @ Flickr)

Restless defenders —
defeat inevitable,
they still fly colors.


Today I wonder what will happen. Will I have the opportunity to present my case for a merit-based pay increase? Possibly. Will I have to stand my ground on my principles, potentially inviting the scorn of certain apathetic co-workers who have no problems slowing down production? Possibly, though I tend to do well working behind the scenes on that front. Either way, it’s bound to be an adventure of its own; ten hours in the thick of it and then I get to come back home and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow. And again on Saturday.

Life is good, but only if you can look past such annoyances. Saturday’s high is 63F. It’s almost April, and that means warmer weather and sunnier skies are just on the horizon. From here, there’s no need to see the inevitable, looming presence of another Winter; that old enemy is best greeted with a smile once the sweltering Summer has worn out its welcome.

But that does not mean old Winter isn’t resting up, planning something dastardly for the next round . . .

Damn the weather and go live your adventure.


  1. Hiya, Rob ! =)

    I am so pulling for you, a raise would be just SO AWESOME !!!! =) =)
    I really hate being caught up in the politics of the whole affair… sometimes I think my best-case job scenario would include telecommuting from a beach in French Polynesia… who am I kidding, I think my true calling in life is becoming an independently wealthy philanthropist, but it seems I was born into the wrong group. Maybe next time around ?! =) You know, I am the type of girl who shares all her wealth and knowledge, no matter how small the gesture might be. =)

    Have a great day, hope things calm down and even if not, it is good to know you attack the days with a smile upon your face ! =)

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