Haiku: Mask III – Parity


(Image credit: Ben Fredericson, a.k.a. xjrlokix @ Flickr)

Mask defines bearer —
confers immense potential
for both good and ill.


  1. This one is a little scary to me… always weirder out by that mask ! =) =) So,which are you today; on the good side, or leaning the other way ?! =) I am feeling good, but still a little loopy from last weeks’ sick. So I would choose good, but there is always a bit of the “button-pusher” in me… =)

    • Tired – I’m very tired. Just trying to rest up before starting a new week
      tomorrow, also bound and determined to finish this book I’m reading before the author completes a 444-mile journey in a few days and I just hit 50% completion earlier.

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