Haiku: Bridge


(Image credit: Steve Jurvetson, a.k.a. jurvetson @ Flickr)

Life calls and answers,
while ancient spirits’ ascents
connect to the sky.


I have to say that in this case, truth is stranger than fiction; the creators of the monument in this picture believe that the Earth is a crocodile. As weird as that sounds, it’s a lovely little piece of tribal mythology and it only takes a minute to read. Find it by clicking through the picture to its Flickr page, and read the description on the right.

Then don’t forget to live a little before Monday comes along, and someone pulls the wrench out of the gears of real life.

Go have an adventure, why don’t you?


  1. I love those little possum people… totems are fascinating to me, have explored many in different regions while on my travels. Pretty post, Rob… hope you have a happy week !

  2. Interesting information provided with the image – fascinating really.

    Great Haiku by the by – and have an awesome week Rob 🙂

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