Daily Haiku 2014.04.09 —

(Image credit: David King, a.k.a. david55king @ Flickr)

Warm spears of sunlight
pierce the ancient city —
a refuge for life.

10 thoughts on “Daily Haiku 2014.04.09 —”

    1. Thank you Tish. 🙂 coincidentally, I’m listening to Avi Avital right now – reminds me of the place in that photo. If you haven’t heard him he comes highly recommended.

          1. Would not DREAM of going sans panties on a test day ! =) What if an ambulance was needed ?! =) I love that pun.

            The saying that resonates with me today is “Noscitur ex sociis”, which translates to “He is known by his companions, or the more Americanized “we are judged by the company we keep”… or even better, “if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas”… !

            I am getting bitten to death, but in this case, it is not from friends, but family… can’t quite figure out how to get rid of the relatives… !

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy! But if something ever comes to mind, know that you are welcome to share it; I think it’s a good thing when any art form provokes conversation and reflection. 🙂 Best wishes, my friend.

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