Daily Haiku 2014.04.10 —

(Image credit: Alex Morrice, a.k.a. DecoByDesign @ Flickr)

Ancient bricks crumble,
falling from forgotten ages —
mark each new day’s dawning.


I think I may have found this particular castle on Google Maps:

7 thoughts on “Daily Haiku 2014.04.10 —”

    1. The fact that she enjoyed it? Priceless. I got really curious when I read the description with the picture of Flickr and he said right where it was, so then I was map-hunting it. Glad you enjoyed, perhaps there will be more of these in days to come!

      1. The one who commissioned it is the same Chester Congdon who called for the Glensheen Estate to be built in Minnesota.

        Supposedly the Congdon family is a seclusive lot– it’s rarely if ever been open to the public, not to mention a niece of the family owns the property now.

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