Daily Haiku 2014.04.11 —

(Image Credit: Julie Falk, a.k.a. CaptPiper @ Flickr)

Morning fog
hazes on spider-gauze —
curtains of light.

7 thoughts on “Daily Haiku 2014.04.11 —”

    1. Thanks! I usually use an image to spark the haiku, then I pound it into shape on the anvil of my mind, heating it until it glows in the forge of creativity and polishing it until it shines. This one, I actually had a first version with a slightly different contrast than the one I posted. And yeah, I always use Creative Commons or royalty-free – I don’t need any legal troubles! I return your high five with aplomb. Thanks for tattooing by and enjoying! 😀

  1. Ooh, how beautiful ! =) As I was reading it, the jays and chickadees out back were singing up a storm, making this a multi-dimensional experience ! =)

      1. OOH… CAKE ! =) Now you’ve done it, Rob… and here I was just saying I really do not have a sweet tooth. Well, I guess I can make an exception, just this once… =)

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