Daily Haiku 2014.04.13 —

(Image credit: Roberto Saltori, a.k.a. robysaltori @ Flickr)

The salty nerve!
Tides thin lapping,
sneaking as they come and go.

11 thoughts on “Daily Haiku 2014.04.13 —”

      1. Thai food is fabulous. It’s been described as a mixture of Chinese stirfry with Indian seasonings.

        My wife loves Thai sticky rice pudding. It’s very similar to the Hispanic arroz con leche, but with a black sticky rice instead of white, and coconut milk instead of dairy. I use those piloncillo raw sugar cones, though.

        1. That rice pudding sounds good. All of the Thai restaurants I frequented in the Detroit area had coconut ice cream, so I’ve never tried it, thinking it’s probably just ice cream. I admit I’ve never heard of the sugar cones, though; in the Bismarck area there’s no such thing as Thai food.

          1. Haha, Rob, pilocillos are a Hispanic thing– I get them at my local Hispanic supermercado. They’re just really convenient when making rice pudding of any kind, as well as anything that calls for “tightly packed brown sugar”, like empanadas.

              1. Really? When I was in Ann Arbor to visit some online friends some handful of years ago, I got the impression they had little idea about down-home Mexican food.

                1. Yeah, but Ann Arbor’s just a college town, that’s not where the action really is. Detroit’s got all the real-deal stuff. I can’t actually attest to the Mexican specifically, though, because I never really went after it. I was mostly into Thai or Greek food.

                  1. Fair enough, Rob. We flew into Detroit but never really got to see our way around. But I was told by my online group Chelsea was where the working class Hispanics lived.

                    Good choices with Thai and Greek, by the way!

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