Daily Haiku 2014.04.13 —

(Image credit: Roberto Saltori, a.k.a. robysaltori @ Flickr)

The salty nerve!
Tides thin lapping,
sneaking as they come and go.


      • Thai food is fabulous. It’s been described as a mixture of Chinese stirfry with Indian seasonings.

        My wife loves Thai sticky rice pudding. It’s very similar to the Hispanic arroz con leche, but with a black sticky rice instead of white, and coconut milk instead of dairy. I use those piloncillo raw sugar cones, though.

        • That rice pudding sounds good. All of the Thai restaurants I frequented in the Detroit area had coconut ice cream, so I’ve never tried it, thinking it’s probably just ice cream. I admit I’ve never heard of the sugar cones, though; in the Bismarck area there’s no such thing as Thai food.

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