Daily Haiku 2014.05.04 —

(Image credit: Peter Roome @ Flickr)


rockets mirrored
in rippling water
Van Gogh’s dreams



Previously, on Rob’s Surf Report:

I linked to the Daily Post, since my post was inspired by the daily prompt. Unfortunately, it never appeared in their list of responses. I tried tweeting them, which never got me a response even though they appear to respond to others. Their recent redesign has taken comments out of the equation altogether, which means I can’t tell them in the comments that my pingback was somehow lost in the ether. What’s a guy to do? All night long I was checking the responses to see if my post had been added, but no dice.

There was no “saved by the bell” there, I’m afraid. Thank you Daily Post, for not allowing me to be part of the discussion. Whatever it is I have done to upset the gods of blogging, I am so very regretful; perhaps in their mercy, they will see fit to rewind time and find out how even after several tries of editing and reposting that post, it has not appeared in the response stream alongside those of my blog buddies and others. If I have somehow wronged or broken convention, I will try to amend my ways.

I understand that as far as “sticky situations” go, that’s a pretty tame complaint, but it represents a very real issue: can they hear us over at the Daily Post? What happened to the social aspect of the site? How are we supposed to communicate with them regarding the issue of faulty pingbacks? I’m willing to bet that my pingback was heuristically filtered into spam by the (usually) genius Akismet; that happens from time to time, but isn’t there someone over there monitoring the machine, or is it on fire-and-forget mode?

Just now my phone buzzed.

A reply from @postaday to my most recent appeal:

The good news (a.k.a. the short story) is that they’re going to have a developer look at it. I love this miracle of technology, the ability to find venues of communication that enable troubleshooting over the ponderous distances between disparate people on this planet. Now I see that there was no harm done on either side; just a letter lost in the post, I suppose.

Yay for feedback! But will my post ever make it in time for others to care? Or will it be the last one added to a heat-dead universe of ideas? Find out next time on . . .


Rob’s Surf Report!


No offense is meant against anyone who works for, or is affiliated with, the Daily Post; just help me out and I’ll get over it.


  1. May I just say I love love love the new garment that LLF kindly donated to your wardrobe. Suits you sir!!
    Boo at Daily Prompt, how could they forget about you and your brilliant words.
    May I also say – the other night when we were bantering back and forth on my post, you said you had nothing to write but your Daily Haiku, but have you any idea how great the little add ons to them you write are. Cos they are great!! Write more often, even if it is just little short bursts of brilliance! 🙂

    • Thank you Juls. I’ve really been hating on the daily prompts all year because they’ve all been repeats until lately. Then I thought I might try to tie together the haiku, the prompt, and surfing (if possible) into sort of “haiku dream” revelation. The only issue is, if I’m not getting spammed out (which was confirmed) then two days in a row — it feels like I got blocked.

      But hey, maybe I’m just paranoid. We’ll see tomorrow.

  2. I’m jealous of that photograph– I have a LOT of difficulty capturing fireworks (much less any reflections). Maybe the weaksauce point and shoot we chose may have something to do with it.

    I’ve been following your tech support queries to the Daily Post team on Twitter. Kudos, sir. Diagnostics and troubleshooting is a fickle, nitpicky thing, in my experience, but I commend your tenacity in getting them to figure it out.

    • Thanks!

      And yeah, I’m jealous of that photo too — such a random capture that must be tough to repeat, and the moment I saw the reflection I thought of Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

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