Daily Haiku 2014.05.05 —

The Moon's Halo - Palm 2
(Image credit: Bruce Thomson @ Flickr)

great gecko’s eye
lights up island nights —
a haloed moon


If I could split my time evenly between two places, I think I would choose to stay here in North Dakota for the late Spring to early Autumn portion of the year — May 1st to November 1st. It’s the perfect time because at the beginning things are usually greening up and this time carries through to when the colorful leaves are falling from the trees; by the time the first of November rolls around there’s even a small chance we may have seen our first snow already. I’ll take a taste, if I must.

Then let me be transported away to my other home near the beach –preferably where the beach is my front yard, the surf is nice and high, and the weather is relatively calm. You can keep the monsoons and freakishly large tidal waves, thank you very much — or maybe the risk would be worth it to live on a tropical island paradise? Or maybe coastal Australia, or the Caribbean?

Where else do you think might fit the bill? Let us know that and your other thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Ooh… BEACH ! =)

    How about the islet of Motutapu, just off the South East coast of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands… ? Mmm… YUMMY ! =) =)

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